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It's UNOFFICIAL! Scooters Pizza has set the record for the longest overland pizza delivery in the world. The 4 pizzas traveled on the back of Scooters Pizza founder, Carlo Gonzaga's BMW Adventure motorcycle from Johannesburg to London – a distance of 16'400 km's. The reason it's unofficial is because the guys at Guinness World Records reckon that delivering a pizza on a motorbike from Johannesburg to London, via deepest darkest Africa, over 39 days, is... well the same as getting on a business class plane seat and flying 16000km while your pizza sits cool and calm in the cargo bay. They wouldn't give us a new world record so we're claiming it ourselves!
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Nelson Mandela Bridge, Joburg, to Tower Bridge, London in 39 days!

The world Record has been set for the longest overland Pizza
delivery ever! We didn't call it an Epic for nothing!

The epic, in audio, video, pictures, text and podcast are all
documented here for you to explore this incredible adventure!

Now what will they do next?

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Which way is London?
You must-a be-a bloody mad!
At worst we'll expose ourselves to the risk of learning something new.
Hey tonto... what's that coming over the hill, is it a monster?
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